4 Day Luxury Visit

There is no shortage of luxury accommodations in Barcelona, which is one of the wealthier cities in Spain. So, if your bucket list travel goals include staying in a fancy hotel, this can be a nice place to do it. What we can offer you is luxury bookings as well as reservations to must-see sights and fine dining. As part of our service, we will provide you with a detailed itinerary so that you use your time effectively and eliminate the stress of meeting reservation deadlines because you were in a car for too long or too far on the other side of the pedestrian zone to make it to the theater on time. Speaking of which...it is critical in Barcelona to wear comfortable shoes. Lots of walks worth taking! By the way, while we generally offer this as an "independent travel" package, we can instead book this through a tour company, where you would then have a dedicated guide and program.

Example Itinerary Overview:

Hotel car pickup at BCN airport,  relax and refresh at hotel, walk along Las Ramblas, pick up some fresh deli snacks at La Boqueria, sit on a bench and enjoy the lively environs. Enjoy 5 star dining and local wines and sleep well in advance of your next few days of tourism including, Sagrada Familia, Barcelona Cathedral, Barcelona Funicular, FCB Stadium, Picasso Museum, Limitless shopping, Opera,  and street art, Parc Geull,etc. And don't forget mid day stops for Paella, Tapas, Mussels & Sangria. Spain boasts some fantastic red wines and Tempernillo blends. and don't forget our favorite sparkling white, Cava.

4 Day Standard Visit

Many people have standards for travel that might involve words like "cool" "trendy" "well priced" and not words like "white glove" or "concierge level." And there are plenty of hotels in Barcelona to suit the needs of those people. We can help you by booking hotels in nice neighborhoods that do not require a cab or a subway ride to each destination. As part of our service, we will provide you with a detailed itinerary so that your time is used effectively. We can also facilitate reservations where they are needed and guide you to great Tapas and Paella and other great foods in this very international city of Barcelona. Just contact us and we will start planning your travel to Barcelona. The standard visit can also be planned either as independent travel or as a guided tour. We can help you with that either way.

Example Itinerary Overview:

If you have energy, Bareclona is a wonderful long weekend destination. There are many hotels in Barcelona with rates under $200/ night. Even in walking distance of the old town. Take a taxi to the hotel and get some rest, then check out all of the bucket list ideas that you had identified in Barcelona. You might just find a Botero sculpture right outside of your hotel! Don't miss the rest of Barcelona's highlights. Eating can be inexpensive if you focus on Tapas and Paella and shop at the open markets. Sagrada Familia, Barcelona Cathedral, Barcelona Funicular, FCB Stadium, Picasso Museum, Limitless shopping, Opera, Monserrat and street art, Parc Geull,etc. 

7 Day Visit

A longer trip can be a compliment to the luxury visit or standard visit. We would highly recommend an overnight visit to Monserrat as well as maybe a day or two after you arrive in a nice spa in the countryside with distant views of the Mediterranean Sea. Our team has worked through the kinks of this type of a visit to Barcelona, so that you can experience the out-of town highlights without any major challenges. Barcelona is an incredibly international city, but at the same time, not everyone there speaks English. As a result, it is good to have an insightful itinerary with specific directions and details that you can just carry with you as you explore. That is what we can provide and one of the reasons that our clients trust us to help them with their travel.

Example Itinerary Overview:

Bareclona is a wonderful place to visit for a week. There is so much ambience to absorb everywhere in the area. Just walking around in the  old town for a day can be a joy. Bring your good camera, there are tiny details everywhere if you just look up! We can prepare a list of dining recommendations, as we always do. Don't miss Sagrada Familia, Barcelona Cathedral, Barcelona Funicular, FCB Stadium, Picasso Museum, Limitless shopping, Opera, and all of Gaudi's other work in the city. With the extra time, we strongly recommend an overnight trip to Monserrat. It is otherworldly. Don't miss the choir. And there is great hiking up there, for those of you with more energy. For each travel booking, we will prepare a detailed itinerary. 

Rent an Apartment

If you are staying for a week or more, we suggest renting an apartment in the old town. Then you can really take advantage of the wonderful farmers markets and fresh foods that are available at La Boqueria. This can be a great alternative for a family. Even with all of the great foods that are available in Barcelona, sometimes children are more comfortable with some more basic options that you might be able to prepare in a kitchen. 

We can arrange an apartment for you, although you will be signing the contract directly with the homeowner who is leasing their apartments. and as with all of our bucket list travel plans, we will provide a summary of recommendations. And a great itinerary.

Example Itinerary Overview:

Some people include things on their bucket list like "Live in Barcelona for 6 months and take painting classes." If this is one of your bucket list ideas, then renting an apartment is a great plan. We can help you find the right instruction and  make sure that you have a great variety of day trips targeted. We can help you sort through all of the complexities of finding an apartment to suit your needs. There are also allot of different different cooking schools and literary programs in Barcelona because of the international universities there. And our long terms stay Barcelona Travel Tip: Don't forget to do some of the basic stuff! It would be a shame if you didn't see Sagrada Familia  in all of the different lights of day!

Visit Barcelona for a Week or a Long Weekend

There is allot to do in Barcelona and nearby. If you are going for 3 or 4 days, then we would suggest staying in the city the entire time. If you will stay longer, there are some places out of town that are well worth exploring and some nice places to relax in the countryside which should be added to your itinerary. One of our favorite places to visit overnight is Montserrat.  It is otherworldly. One thing in Barcelona that is truly critical is making sure that you have reservations at the major sites, such as Sagrada Familia. We can help you complete your travel preparations so that you don't miss any of those sites. Here are a few options that we can arrange for you.

Mediterranean Cruise Considerations:

There are so many options when it comes to cruises. We have summarized ones that are popular and highlight destinations that show up on many people's bucket lists. If you have a list of places that you have on your bucket list, we can work with you to come up with the most effective cruise ship travel plans to attain your goals. When it comes to Barcelona, cruises are an especially good way to travel. Because of Barcelona's location, so many cruises begin or end there. There are direct flights from North America to Barcelona as well. It is a dynamic location and worth spending a day or two there at the end or at the beginning of your cruise. Our team can definitely help work through the right solution for you. Email our expert Bucket List Planner Travel Consultants regarding your travel plans. Even once you have chosen your ship, there are lots of decisions that need to be made. That is why it is a good idea to work on your crazy bucket list plans with a travel professional.

Value Barcelona Cruise

We have allot of clients who have a limited budget and want to see lots of places in Europe. They may be simply frugal, they may be students and in any case...they are focussed on the destinations they will visit, not the Haut Cuisine that they expect each night in the formal dining room. This is also a great option for a class trip. Let us know when you hope to travel and we can coordinate a few great travel options for you. The best way to get a low price on a cruise is to go for a shorter length cruise and to stay in an inside room. For example, there are many packages that would allow you to take off from Barcelona and sail to Rome and Naples on a 3 day trip for under $400 per person. We can build this into a neat class trip plan with 2 or 3 nights in Barcelona in the beginning. Some less expensive cruise lines, like Costa, have many short sailing tours. Norwegian also has some short trips. We can research the best options to suit your travel dates and crazy bucket list ideas.

Example Itineraries:

3 Day Mediterranean Cruise:

Barcelona, Rome, Naples is very common. You might also sail to the Balearic Islands of Mallorca, Ibiza and Menorca for a 3 day cruise out of Barcelona.

​Price Range Estimates:

As little as $130/night per person. Then you can stay in inexpensive hotels in Barcelona to enable your trip to Europe. It is much simpler to visit cities on a guided tour than to transfer trains on overnight itineraries and the transportation cost can be much less & includes your hotel room. And substantially less extensive than flying and taking cabs to each city.

Scheduled Sailing Dates:

A 3 day cruise from Barcelona to other nearby ports runs 2X weekly.

River Cruise to Barcelona

These are some of the best cruises for people who enjoy a more intimate setting and do not want to deal with the distances you need to walk on the bigger ships. These vessels are more private yet still afford the benefits of a completely catered home. If anything, they are more exclusive. We are recommending an upscale option for a smaller boat cruise. Our favorite lines are Ama Waterways, Tauck and Viking River Cruises. Because of the geography of Catalonia, there are no river cruises at this time that actually sail to Barcelona. Instead, Barcelona is included in their packages, but a transfer is arranged from Nice or Marseille. This is just further evidence that Barselona is one of the best bucket list ideas out there. 

Example Itineraries:

19 Day Europe River Cruise:

This is what a high end river cruise would typically feature:

Spend three nights in Paris, one of the world’s most incredible cities. Board the high speed TGV train from Paris to DijonVisit Les Hospices de Beaune on a guided sightseeing tour of Beaune. Tour the impressive Château de Cormatin with its magnificent gardens and water featuresSample sumptuous Truffles in one of the villages surrounding TournusTour Lyon, the gastronomic heart of France. From Tournon experience the charm of days gone by on board an historic steam train journey through picturesque landscapes. Learn about French cooking during an on board cooking demonstrationEnjoy a special wine tasting in Châteauneuf-du-Pape. Delight in the gastronomic specialties of southern France on board your Scenic ‘Space-Ship’Visit Barcelona’s most popular sights including the Cathedral of the Sagrada Familia. ALL TIPPING and GRATUITIES

​Price Range Estimates:

​A 19 day high standard river cruise could cost around $10,000 per person. Shorter itineraries are less.

Scheduled Sailing Dates:

March-October 2015. May and June are nearly sold out as of September.

Royal Caribbean Barcelona

Our other recommendation for family cruises that include Barcelona in their itinerary is Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. Both companies can work well for immediate family or for family reunions and multi generational groups. And both of these cruise options can be short (7 days or less) or longer than a week. You should definitely contact us so that reach out to you and better understand your planning needs and propose options that we can book for you. Royal Caribean does a terrific job with excursions while providing a world class ship. 21 options in 2015.

Example Itineraries:

5, 7, 11, 12, 14 & 15 Day Mediterranean Cruises:

​There are so many options with so many destinations. Work with us to decide the best dates of destinations for you. Here are some sample stops on the itineraries. Rome, Florence, Capri, Pisa, Nice, Crete, Ashdod (Isreal), Suez Canal, Aqaba (Jordan), Dubai (UAE), Monte Carlo, Montenegro, Salerno (Italy), Athens and more. Royal Caribbean does all of it's excursions well.There is never a shortage of fun bucket list ideas on their cruise plans. Barcelona is a great place to take off for a Mediterranean cruise. We would strongly suggest spending three days in Barcelona before departing on your cruise.

​Price Range Estimates:

​Because of the wide range of cruise lengths and destinations, there are no averages or standards to the Royal Caribbean pricing. But so that we give you some sense, a 7 day cruise for a family of four in a room with a balcony would start at around $4400.

Scheduled Sailing Dates:

​From May thru October in 2015


Disney Barcelona Cruise

We have two recommendations for family cruises that include Barcelona in their itinerary. Both can work well for immediate family or for family reunions and multi generational groups. And both of these cruise options can be short (7 days or less) or longer than a week. It is best to contact us so that we can reach out to you and better understand your planning needs. One of our preferred cruise partners for this particular cruise option is Disney Cruises. Everyone loves the Disney Cruise experience. Sophisticated, intelligent and lots of activities. 5 options 2015.

Example Itineraries:

5 Day Mediterranean Cruise:

Barcelona, Nice, Florence, Venice, Rome. We suggest adding 3 days to beginning or end to be sure you have a chance to enjoy Barcelona. 


7 Day Cruise:

Barcelona, Nice, Cannes, Florence, Pisa, Rome, Pompeii, Monte Carlo. We suggest adding 3 days to beginning or end to be sure you have a chance to enjoy Barcelona. 

​8/15/15, 8/22/15, 8/29/15

11 Day Transatlantic Cruise:

Barcelona, Madiera (Portugal), Castaway Cay & Miami. There can be GREAT BARGAINS flying one way to Barcelona, and how cool will it be to sail across the Atlantic! 8 days at Sea and a little more comfortable than the Mayflower!


Price Range Estimates:

The transatlantic cruise is an amazing value. A family of 4 can have a family room with a verandah for only $4300 in total! For an 11 day cruise!

Scheduled Sailing Dates:

All of the Disney Cruises tied to Barcelona are in August and September in 2015

Include Barcelona on a Mediterranean Cruise Itinerary

This can be a great solution for people who are traveling with extended family, hoping to see a bunch of cities in a short period of time or want to manage their costs very specifically. While many people relish the idea of renting an apartment in a city and shopping the farmers market for delights; others are better able to relax knowing that their meals will be consistent (and chicken nuggets will be there for their grandkids) or knowing that they won't have to deal with driving in Europe or taking a train, which can be exhausting. Following are the cruise options that we suggest we book for you. 

Planning Travel to Barcelona

We have several suggested ways of visiting Barcelona. All are fantastic. Every traveller has certain preferences and would want to experience a great city like Barcelona their own way, checking off their own bucket list things at their own pace. And for some people "BE IN BARCELONA" is really the only bucket list requirement. Our goal is to help you get the most out of being in Barcelona whether you are checking things off your bucket list or not. Because December and the holiday season is cool and comfortable, includes the city being open on Sundays and has a unique Catalonian holiday flair, you will notice a few options in December. But make no mistake....Barcelona is right on the beach and the Spring/Summer window is ideal for travel in that area! Barcelona is one of the most popular bucket list ideas because of the variety of art, history, sports, beach, culture and cuisine.  Following you will find several sample approaches to enjoying a fun vacation in and around Barcelona.

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