Top Facts About Making Your Grand Canyon Travel Plans

These are the most frequently asked questions about the Grand Canyon National Park:

1. Passes to get into the Grand Canyon National Park- There are several choices. A family can by a 1 week pass for their car for $25 when they enter the park. Seniors and military members and other groups can have discounted fees. There is also the opportunity to buy an annual unlimmited pass or a US National Parks pass, which will get you into unlimmitted parks.

2. Summer includes a rainy monsoon season. Think about that before camping in a tent in the park.\

3. It is a good idea to get your groceries and alcohol before you get too close to the park. Several of the indian reservations nearby are dry communities.

4. What might a hotel cost? From $70 to $460, depending on which lodge, size of room, shared bathrooms, etc.

5. How early can I book the hotel inside park? Ideally you will book your reservation one year in advance to be sure that you get the room you are looking for. We can help you sort through the options, to be sure you are getting the room that you want. Just contact us.

6. This is a great bucket list travel experience to check off with your family.

Staying at the hotel inside of the Grand Canyon National Park

There are actually a number of different hotels that one may stay in while travelling to the Grand Canyon. Our favorites are "El Tovar" and "Bright Angel Lodge." Most of the hotels are located directly on the canyon rim with the exception of Phantom Ranch, which is located on the North side of the canyon, below the rim. The history of our two favorite lodges are what makes us reccomend them. The rooms are fairly expensive, but the hotels are a piece of history. Here is a link to check out the Grand Canyon hotels.

Camping at the Grand Canyon National Park

A neat way to visit the Grand Canyon is to reserve a camping spot in the park. They have a really great set-up for people who want to travel to the park by car and are willing to camp out. but here is a little tidbit about camping in the Grand Canyon: It is a better plan to camp there in the 10 months avoiding July and August, when the "Monsoon Season" comes through with rain showers every few hours. Reservations can be made for camping spots on the US National Parks website. We can arrange your reservations for you as part of your greater itinerary or you may do it yourself on the website. Check out our top ten facts t the bottom of this page to make sure you have a good plan of attack and understand all of the costs.

Staying at hotels outside of the Grand Canyon National Park

There are a few reasons why you might want tp book a hotel outside of the Grand Canyon National Park. Sometimes, if you are too late to make your reservations in the park, and you can not camp, then a hotel outside of the park is a great solution. There are a great range of hotel qualities right outside of the park borders. Some have water parks and other amenities like that. Others are very simple motels. We can arrange any of these for you. Our favorite hotel just outside of the park border is The Lodge on Route 66. 

Rafting in the Grand Canyon National Park

Many people choose to raft through the grand canyon. There are lots of tour operaters who organize rafting tours in the Grand Canyon. It will be HOT in summer, so think through that. It is also an activity for the somewhat active people. There is actual danger and from time to time people to get injured. We have a few outfitters that we would suggest, and who run the most secure operations. This is one journey that you will never forget. We also suggest a visit at the top of the canyon, to get your arms around where you have been. Contact us for assistance in coming up with a great plan.

Hiking tours in the Grand Canyon National Park

The National Park System offers many hiking tours in the park. Both long and short. Remember that it will be much hotter at the bottom of the canyon and that you will need allot of water. There are also several outside groups who do a great job of outfitting a hiking tour, with burros and all of the packing suppolies that you might need. Contact us to help you set up a great plan.

The Grand Canyon

The mother of all National Parks and National Recreation Areas, the Grandyon is a spectacular place to visit. There are many ways to do it, but no matter what you want from the Grand Canyon, it is important to make your travel plans early. People and groups travel from all over the world to visit this amazing landmark, and the reservations within the park are handled by the national park service. Here are some of your options. We can arrange your journey, if that is easier for you.

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