4. Achievement Travel Planning

Bucket-List-Planner.com not only provides all kinds of ideas for places to visit and things to do; we can also arrange your reservations for you. Whether you just need help with your hotel or you are trying to get signed up to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, our experience can get you signed up and successfully on your way. We have a great deal of insight into travel solutions that will allow our clients to check off multiple bucket list goals in a single journey. Even if you have never wanted to do a cruise, for example...we have learned that the new river cruises are definitely worth taking so that you don't need to drive or take a train in remote areas; not to mention the 5 star experience. Our team will plan your trip as though they are going with you, leaving no stone unturned, and still fitting into the budget range that will work for you.

Reviews: "Our favorite thing about BLP's planning was this great book that they provided for us with lists of the best coffee shop, locations of free wifi near the hotel, the highest rated pizza spot in the town. Never mind that they got us into the coolest hotel! They have great standards!" -Vicky B.

Additional Consulting Services

We do offer additional services at the Manitou Rey Institute for Achievement. Our Professional Group does work with clients across many industries in resume development and interview preparation. What differentiates our services from a basic $99 resume maker, is that we will dig in with you to better understand what is current in the industry and what hiring managers are looking for in candidates. We will also spend time with you assuring that you are prepared to speak effectively about your accomplishments. We bundle our services to suit the needs of the client and the complexity of what the client is trying to accomplish in his or her career. The Professional Group partners with our travel group, setting a consistent standard for quality and detail orientation across every client's project.

Holistic Career Path Development Program

Career Transition Consulting & Resume Development

Resume, Linked-In and Personal Branding Services

Executive Position Negotiation Consulting

Quarterly Leadership Interchange Forums

Bucket List Goal Setting Consultation

Bucket List Prioritization and Execution Game Plan

Achievement Travel Planning

Full Service Travel and Expert Cruise Planning

Affordable Experience Solution Provisions

2. Goal Setting Consultations

There allot of difficult things about setting goals for yourself and developing a path to successfully accomplish those goals. If the goals are too difficult, a person might not see that they are progressing. That can be demoralizing. If there are too many goals, a person can lose track of what they really want to accomplish. We have developed some processes as well as tools for effectively laying out an accomplishable version of your goals. The work we help you with can serve as a bucket list roadmap. We will invest time in your list with you to get a true understanding of what you are trying to get out of your bucket list. From there, we can help you prioritize and help you effectively start ticking the goals off your list. 

Reviews: "I really feel like my roadmap is leading me where I want it to go now." Kara B. 

3. Prioritization and Execution

You've done all the work, you have a list of amazing things that you want to get done. In fact, you've had this list for years...but nothing seems to be getting checked off. You haven't started writing that book, you haven't touched the guitar you bought 3 New Years ago, the only thing you can say in Spanish is GRACIAS and you haven't even seen a Broadway Show - even though you were in NYC two times last month. This is where we come in to help you accomplish the goals you have set for yourself. We will review your bucket list, group items and lay out a plan that you can easily commit to and get started. For many clients, just acting on this with us brings more attention to their goals, which in turn helps them focus on accomplishing the goals on their list. After prioritizing, the biggest blockers that prevent people from accomplishing their bucket list goals are: No time to plan; Not sure how to do it, so it falls to the bottom of the list; and failure to focus on the top priorities one at a time. Our team will work with you and layout a game plan that will enable you to start checking things off of your list.

Reviews: "As a woman living in Minneapolis, it never dawned on me that I could stop in Hawaii on the way home from a business trip to China and take surfing lessons without even taking a single day of vacation. And at less expense!!! The team at Manitou Rey shifted me from being a dreamer to becoming a do-et" -Anna W.

1. Career Development Plans

For some people, making this list of personal goals is easy. But the challenge is introduced when the reality of paying for the experiences on the list is considered. We believe that when there is a very strong crossover between peoples' personal goals and their professional and career goals, the likelihood of satisfaction in their life is much greater. We, as part of the Manitou Rey Institute for Achievement, have developed some effective tools to align goals and better enable success both personally and in one's career. Some clie benefits that our clients s after working with us on their career development include strategic career-direction plans, targeted job searches, strengthened resumes and a clear sense of confidence in where they could thrive, based on what they love. See our client feedback and rating page. Because career satisfaction is often an item on the bucket list, this can be one of the most important steps you can take toward accomplishing your bucket list goals.

Reviews: "I had high expectations based on a reference from a friend. I was amazed anyway because I was asked to really look at myself much more thoughtfully.They really helped my understand what my own goals and priorities are."  Sue N.

Consulting Services

The Manitou Rey Institute for Achievement offers consulting services across 4 dimensions in support of accomplishing all of the goals on your bucket list. Each client has different needs, and each solution is tailor fit to the needs of the client. Thank you for your patience as we complete the links on this page!

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