Ride a horse

Read 5 books

Paint a picture

Take photos of cows

Go to the beach

Learn the words to country songs

Do hill-sprints every day

Go bowling

Go surfing

Go to camp

Write a Haiku poem every day

Watch a movie every Friday

Start a water balloon fight

Make dinner once a week

Bake a pie

Make a music video

Write in my diary

Have a picnic

Go to the fair

Have a lemonade stand

Have an art sale

Go camping

Swim in a lake


Go to a museum

Win an award at summer camp

Read from the bible every day

Fly a kite

Start to learn an instrument

Practice every day

Tie yellow ribbons around trees

Throw a party

Save $500

Volunteer at the old folks home

Make a sculpture using vegetables

Foster-parent a stray animal

Submit an article to a magazine

Make some how to videos for YouTube

Ride on public transportation

Stop my bad habits

Start eating with the fork in my left hand

Walk backwards through the mall

Start writing a blog

Make a bucket list for next year

Pretend to be pigeon-toed

Kiss a frog

Eat an insect

Shock my parents by walking the dog

Volunteer at a soup kitchen

Eat sushi

​Go to the Zoo

Waterski every day

Play tennis

Read the New Yorker Magazine every week

Build a campfire

Run in a road race

Ride in a bike race

Create my own recipes with marshmallows

Make some good playlists

Catch fireflies

Make a tie-die t-shirt

Sell manicures to my friends

Write a song

Sell my song on iTunes

Intertube down the river

Wear flip flops every day

Get into the Guiness book of world records

Go Skateboarding

Do 15,000 steps a day

Swim laps

Find a 4 leaf clover

See a shooting star

Throw a surprise party for my family

Send a message in a bottle in the lake or ocean

Do an experiment

Do one more burped every day

Go to a drive-in movie

Try some new sports

Make a campfire or a bonfire

Write a book

Bob for donuts under the oak tree

Ride on a Segway tour

Play arcade games

Go roller skating

Choreograph a flash-mob with friends

Learn to sew

Convince my parents to get a pet

Practice a new language

Reorganize my closet

Convince mom to let me paint my room


Walk backwards through the mall

Decide what my life goals are

Apply for a summer college

Chose a role model

Mow some lawns to earn money

Play mini-golf

Read the Bible every day

Make a pizza with something crazy on it

Have a great summer!

Bucket List Ideas For Teens (for summer and beyond)

​Ahhhhhhhhh, the Summer Bucket List! Sometimes it is assigned by your teacher. Sometimes it is assigned by your parents. And sometimes you are taking the bull by the horns and making sure that your summer bucket list means you will not waste away your summer months in some sort of meaningless way. This sample list is a compilation of all of the ideas we have seen so far on teen bucket lists and summer bucket lists for teens. The list will change and grow over time, but this list should serve as a good basis for starting to make your own list. Lots of people limit the summer list to include only 25 or 50 things. That's the great thing: It's your summer bucket list!

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