Holistic Career Path Development Program

Our Professional Group works with clients across many industries in resume development and interview preparation. What differentiates our services is a holistic approach. We will dig in with you to better understand the current needs of your target industry and what hiring managers are looking for in new hires. We have developed a series of simple, straight forward exercises for our clients to align their personal and professional strengths and goals -likes and dislikes- to taylor a career position search to maximize their contribution and personal fulfillment. We will also spend time with you assuring that you are prepared to speak effectively about your accomplishments. We bundle our services to suit the needs of the client and the complexity of what the client is trying to accomplish in his or her career. The Professional Group partners with our travel group, setting a consistent standard for quality and detail orientation across every client's project.

What is the Manitou Rey Holistic Career Path Development Program?

Here is what to expect from our career path development program. You will have an initial 1 hour consultation. This can be done in person, via Skype or over the phone. Following that, you will be guided through some exercises that will help hone in on what your true goals and path might be and how the next steps of your career could align with those goals. Typically, 2 additional working sessions will be needed to fine tune your targeted career path, optimize your personal presentation on your resume, target specific companies and roles, create specific resumes per opportunity and align your Linked-In page with your personal brand. Finally, through the initial exercises, we will help you prepare for your strategic networking conversations and interviews.

Who will get the most out of this package?

This program is designed to help anyone who is considering adjusting their career path or for people who are in a period of career transition. The most robust results will be achieved by clients who have been in the workforce for over 5 years. We offer an alternative program for those who are at an earlier stage of their career.

What exactly is included in this package?

-3 one-hour professional consultations

-Unlimited use of the Manitou Rey Career Development tools

-Completion of goal prioritization outline

-Completion of career path outline

-Coordination of targeted employer roadmap

-Up to 3 hours of industry research by our professional team

-Personal brand presentation consultations

-Resume development & multiple format option delivery

-Linked-In page development & delivery

Where do I begin?

We have found that the clients who are most successful in effectively using our support to eventually execute against their plan to achieve are those who engage. It is important to dedicate a reasonable amount of effort into realizing your goals. Upfront, we really ask for some basic upfront foundational work. The first step is to register for the naxt available program. Before the program begins, it is important to have the following things already document. These are easy things, but it is worth it to have them in place. Sort of a resume

-AA chronological list of your work experience including the following

-Name and City location of the company

-A 3-4 sentence description of what that company does (as though you are describing it to a successful business person who 

 also does not happen to have any idea what your company does

-Job Title

-List of responsibilities for that role

-List of accomplishments for that role

-NOTHING IS OVERKILL! Quantified results are the best.

-Dates of your employment (MUST BE ACCURATE)

-Educational History (including high school)

-List of every club or sports team or hobby or volunteer role you have ever had including dates

-A list of the most influential people in your life;personally or professionally. (No one else will see. No one's feelings will be hurt)

-A list of every wacky think you want to be sure you accomplish at some point in your life personally

-A list of every wacky think you want to be sure you accomplish at some point in your life professionally

-A sincere list of things that you love to do personally

-A sincere list of things that you like to do when you are working (in your work environment)

-A list of people with whom you have worked as peers, supervisors or subordinates who would have a point of view around your style

While it may seem like a whole bunch of busy work, this pre-work will make the time we spend working with you on your career plans or goal planning much more effective. The truth is that the list of work we suggest you begin with will become invaluable in creating an executable roadmap for achievement.

The next step is to register and reserve your dates. We strongly suggest registering at least 3 months in advance as our qualified consultants tend to be booked. We do allocate a certain segment in their schedules for clients who need immediate support. If you are hoping for immediate support, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are committed to supporting you with quality service.

How do I register?

Please complete the registration form and submit the form to our admissions team. The membership fee should be submitted along with your form. This fee covers the basic administrative costs of setting up your account. The membership fee will be applied toward any further work you do with us. Once completed, we will contact you and schedule the first 2 sessions. All payments are due prior to the initial consultation. Click through here to Membership Sign-Up.

What does the holistic plan cost?

Please complete the registration form and submit the form to our admissions team. Once completed, we will schedule the first 2 sessions. All payments are due prior to the initial consultation. For our consultation pricing, please review our price sheet.

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