What do you do with these Popular Bucket List Ideas?

If you are making a list it can be fun to look at the popular ideas that are already out there and see if any of those are good ideas for your bucket list. That should help you get the juices flowing. Our philosophy is that you already have a bucket list of some sort filed away in your brain, but you just need to pull it out and organize your thoughts. Reminding yourself of those things you said to yourself all those years ago can take some time. Carry your crazy bucket list ideas around with you and chat about them with your friends. And even if you are making a shorter summer list bucket list, it is worth working on for a while to be sure that you can be effective when it comes to executing the list. It's OK if you have some general bucket list ideas and some that are very specific. Goals are like that. You may hope to read 10 books this summer or you may have a very specific set of 10 books you would like to read.

See if you have a list of 50 things.

Popular Sample Bucket List Ideas

These are great bucket lists to use as the foundation for your own list. Bucket-List-Planner.com offers lots of specifics which should help by inspiring new ideas and goal setting for specific things you want to accomplish, but most people have a broad variety of goals to check off on their bucket lists. These lists are a great place to start.

Our #1 Starter Bucket List

This is a compilation of the most popular items from all of the lists we have seen so far. Whether you are a college student, a starving artist  or a wealthy retiree trying to decide with to do with your time and your fortune, this is a good list to start with. It igs a narrowed list of Places to See and Things to Do, broadly spread out based on what we have seen people do with their own lists. Sometimes it is easier to start with  something than it is to start with nothing. Have fun adding and subtracting. Most of our featured journeys enable items that you see on this starter list. We have many more specific lists on our Sample Bucket Lists page.


Astronomic Clock in Prague

The Taj Mahal in India

The Statue of Liberty in NYC

Burj Khalifa (Tallest Building)

Carnival in Rio de Janiero

The Amazon Rainforest

Grand Bazaar in Istanbul


Wild Tigers & Elephants

Thermal Baths in Budapest

St Patty's Day in Chicago

St Andrews in Scotland


Beaches at Normandy

Wineries in France

Copacabana Beach Rio

The Olympic Games

Great Wall of China

Monarch Butterfly Migration


Salmon running in Seattle

Naked Cowboy in NYC

Palaces in India

The Nile River

Mt Everest

Mardis Gras in New Orleans

The Black Sea

Ellis Island

Miami Beach

Leaning Tower of Pisa (Italy)

Wailing Wall Jerusalem

Oktoberfest Munich

Mont Blanc

Ellis Island

Old Synagogue in Kracov Poland

Elephant seals breeding

Mecca in Saudi Arabia

Volcanos in Hawaii

Volcanos in Costa Rica

Things to See

Eiffel Tower in Paris

Vatican in Rome

Broadway Show in New York City

Machu Picchu on Inca Trail (Peru)

Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

The Great Wall of China

The White House (USA)

A sunset on every ocean

Tower Bridge in London

The Alps


Mount Rushmore (USA)

Pyramids in Egypt

The Berlin Wall

Sydney Opera House

Grand Canyon

Niagara, Victoria & Iguacu Falls

The Northern Lights

Favorite team home game

Terracotta Soldiers in China

Fireworks in Macau

Galapagos Islands

Changing of the guard London

Dallas Cowboy Stadium

The Nutcracker at Christmas

Meet the president/prime minister

The Great Lakes

Sagrada Familia (Gaudi) Barcelona


Trevi Fountain in Rome

Danube River

St Basil's Cathedral Moscow

The Amazon River

Jazz Fest in New Orleans

Crystal Cathedral

Ganges River in Varanasi, India

Madonna in Concert

The Sahara Desert

The Arabian Desert

The Serengeti 

Things to Do

Graduate from college

Start my own company

Write a book

Run a marathon

Play guitar

Go to Disneyland

Climb a mountain

Donate meaningfully

Zipline in the rain forest

Ride a Harley Davidson

Build a tree fort

Surf in the Pacific

Take a cooking class

Eat sushi

Ride an elephant

Knit a sweater

Write a blog

Take my grandchildren on a cruise

Go snorkeling or scuba diving

Learn to ski

Fish for Salmon in Alaska

Read Don Quixote

Become an expert at something

Play Ravel's Gasbard de la nuit

Learn ten constellations

Take a long road trip

Invent something

Surprise someone in a big way

Know you've made a difference

Start a club

Learn Yoga

Take a company public

Live in a foreign country

Stay out all night

Pilgrimage to Mecca

Ride across the USA

Get away with something

Swim with a whale

Snorkel with Turtles

Bungee Jump

Read 50 books a year


Mission Trip

Preform at Carnegie Hall

Be a CEO


Ride a horse

Go parasailing

Climb a volcano

Organize my pictures

Read to my children

Rescue a dog

Build my own house

Go Bobsledding

Hike the Appalachian Trail

Go wine tasting

Go backpacking

Learn a second language

Do a triathalon

African Safari

Be on the winning team

Leave fortune to heirs

Learn to ballroom-dance

Preform on stage

Do an extreme sport

Dive with sharks

Crush grapes

Smoke a Cuban cigar

Find the best sandy beach

Catch a fish

Read NYTimes every Sunday

Smoke a hook pipe

Read the entire Bible

Meet the Dalai Lama

Shop in Dubai

Take a 2 month vacation

Swim in every ocean

Go camping

See every James Bond Movie

Take a River Cruise

Take a wine tasting class

Learn to make Sushi

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