How to Get a New US Passport in 24 Hours!

Seriously, it is very easy to do. Here are a few of the things you will need to take care of to get that new passport easily and quickly. And most importantly, breathe! It will be OK. You will be able to get the passport. You will have it. Just follow these steps.

1. Figure out the two closest US passport offices to you. You will need to show up in person, so you will want to have a plan for which city is best for you. And which is most affordable to travel to if you need to fly.

2. Look at flights for tomorrow morning, first thing in the morning or for tonight. Don't buy them yet. You need an appointment first.

3. Make your passport appointment. This is simple to do. You just call this number: 1-877-487-2778.

It is an automated system. It will answer all of your questions. It's easy. Be patient. Ideally the appointment is in the morning in your target city. Write down your time and location. If you need it right away, you need to articulate that on your application. Then it will be handled quickly.

4. Make your flight reservations.

5. Fill out the application. Get your paper application submitted. Print the copies.

6. Get the following papers together. You must have these to get the new passport. We recommend having copies of both sides of each document.

 a. Old Passport

 b. Passport Application (Form DS-82. Completed and signed. Or DS-11, depending on you)

 c. 2X Passport Photos  (2" x 2" with face over an inch tall)

       -Wear glasses if you usually do.

           -No uniforms

 d. If you are getting a FIRST EVER PASSPORT, you will also need:

       -Birth Certificate

       -Photo ID (Drivers license, Military ID)

       -If Driver's License is from out of state, please have an additional ID.

7. Get to the office early. Bring music and a book. You will spend some time waiting. You can plan to fly home at 7:00 or later.

8. Take your passport and enjoy your next trip! 

Other major considerations:

A. If you need to get a new passport for your child, it is critical that both parents are present. OR if only one person can be present, then there must be a notarized affidavit stating that the absent parent approves of the new passport being administered.

B. Even though we have these simple steps for you, still read everything on the .gov site.

C. There are alternative agencies that can get you a passport in a couple of days. The added fees are substantially more expensive, but that may be easier than trying to take care of your paperwork on your own.

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