Get sea on tickets to your favorite team one year

Sing karaoke together

Play strip poker together

Race each other in a crab-walk position

Learn a new language together

Preform in a concert together

Make a funny video for Youtube together

Start a business together

Take a bubble bath together

Ride on a tandem bike

Hike together

Hunt together

Fish together

Write a song together

Recite Haiku poems of love together

Have a handstand contest on the beach

Dress as Egyptian characters

Go to a far away land together

Write your wills together

Eat a meal from every continent in one month

Go to a bible retreat together

Be Vegan for a year

Grow and donate your hair

Go to San Francisco together

Put a love lock on the fence in Prague

Co-author a book

Renew vows every few years

Host a fundraiser event

Try every position in a Kama Sutra book

Lose weight together

Learn to play bridge together

Go zip-lining 

Rock climb together

Retire together

Live in a city

Live in the country

Say prayers together

Cook dinner for each other once a week

Volunteer at a soup kitchen together

Enjoy a couples massage

Ride bikes together

Go on a picnic

Go to the farmers market together

Buy a house together

Read the same book

Read the same sexy book

Take a painting class together

Take dance lessons

Build a house together

Buy a pet together

Make love every day for 6 months

Have a baby!

Get season tickets to the theater

Go sailing

Climb a mountain together

Run a marathon together

Take yoga class together

Kiss each other's toes

Stay in a hut over the ocean in Tahiti or Fiji

Kiss in front of the Eiffel Tower

Take a river cruise

Walk together every night for 6 months

Commute Together

Stand-Up Paddle Board together

Ride an Asian elephant together

Hold hands all the time

Say "I love you" every day for 50 years

Learn to surf together

Go to NYC together

Do boot camp or cross fit together

Swim naked in the ocean

Make up your own secret language

Dress up at Oktoberfest in Germany

Tailgate together at your favorite sports team stadium

Bucket List Ideas for Couples

This is the funnest list of all, because you get to build it together and the mere creation of the list is fun conversation. There are so many neat things that can be done as a couple, and it can cost less per person to accomplish shared goals. Some great ideas for couples involve travel. Others involve philanthropies. In any case a Couples Bucket List can add a little bit of zest to any relationship. These are the top 100 sample ideas that the team has seen so far. Like the other bucket list samples and ideas, this list will evolve and increase over time. So come back when you can for more ideas!

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