Travel Package Planning for March Spring Break 2015 

What better time to accomplish activities on your bucket list than during school vacation. Our team can help you sort through options that accomplish your goals, match your budget and line up with your vacation week. With tours and cruises, it is best to book well in advance for Spring Break packages, as the demand is very high. Some people book over a year in advance! That being said, there are lots of deals if you book really early, so it is not that crazy of an idea to plan in advance. Right now, our team is already finding sold-out state rooms on most cruises that fall into the timing of the North Texas Spring Break window. Almost all of these trip packages can also be scheduled to align with other spring break weeks.

Cruises and tours can be a great way to accomplish a bunch of things on your bucket list. Do you want to swim with the sharks? (Or swim with the turtles, the sting rays, the whales?) Do you want to try stand-up paddle boarding or snorkeling? Have you always imagined yourself riding a horse along the seashore on a deserted beach? Have you ever won at black-jack? Have you dreamed of treating your extended family to a reunion that they will never forget? A cruise can satisfy both your need to get some down-time on the calendar as well as marking off some of those goals. The truth is that planning a cruise can be complicated. There are allot of decisions, what type of stateroom, location of the room, what size of ship, what type of ship, best destinations, service levels, optional amenities, optional excursions, travel insurance (in case there is a hurricane) and more. That is why we suggest booking through a travel professional. Learn more about booking cruises here.

Here are some sample cruise itineraries that line up with the Southlake Carroll ISD Spring School Vacation schedule for 2019. These dates are MARCH 11th - March 15th. For more information, click here.

Spring Break 2019 Bucket List Cruises

Galveston                     March  9th  to March 15th      Mexican Cruise (6 Days)

Galveston                     March  7th  to March 14th      Western Caribbean Cruise (7 Days)

Galveston                     March  8th  to March 15th      Western Caribbean Cruise (7 Days)

Houston                        March  7th  to March 14th     Western Caribbean Cruise (7 Days)

Houston                        March 8th  to March 15th      Eastern Caribbean Cruise (7 Days)

Fort Lauderdale             March  7th  to March 15th      Eastern Caribbean Cruise (8 Days)

Fort Lauderdale             March  9th  to March 14th      Western Caribbean Cruise (5 Night)

Fort Lauderdale             March  8th  to March 14th      Western Caribbean Cruise (6 Night)

Miami                           March  9th  to March 14th      Bahamas  Cruise (4 Night)

Miami                           March  8th  to March 15th      Eastern Caribbean Cruise (7 Days)

Miami                           March 7th to 14th                  Eastern Caribbean (7 Night)

Here are some sample adventure tour itineraries that line up with the Southlake Carroll ISD Spring School Vacation schedule for 2019. These dates are MARCH 7th - March 15th. Some of these experiences require 8 days, so your kids may miss one day at the beginning or end of the vacation for travel. This is a tiny sample of the types of adventures our experts can organize for you. For more information, click here.

India Golden Triangle Tour March 7th to March 15th (8 Days)

Moroccan Kasbahs & Desert Tour March 7th to March 15th (8 Days)
Tanzania Hiking & Serengeti Experience March 7th to March 14th (7 Days)
Victoria Falls and African Bush Adventure March 7th  to March 15th (8 Days)
Zanzibar Spice and Beach Event March  9th to March 13th (5 Days)

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Whether you want to visit wineries in Europe, learn to play guitar on a dude ranch, climb to Base Camp at My Everest or scuba dive with the Cousteau Foundation in the South Pacific; our team can coordinate your plans and get you started checking of the items on your bucket list. We can make accomplishing your goals easier. We ARE THE EXPERTS. Check out our featured trips for 2015. 

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