5 Things that get in the way of Accomplishing your Goals

1. Focus

2. Money Management

3. Lack of prioritization

4. Fear of the unknown

5. Lack of knowing how to get started

6. TV & Video Games & Texting

We can help you work through each of these issues, so that you never have to ask yourself "why can't I accomplish my dreams." Our basic Bucket List Planning Consultation and Action Oriented Tools can both help you get started.

Accomplishing the Goals on Your Bucket List

If you have not seen the movie "Bucket List" it is an endearing film with a comedic point of view chronicling two older mens' quest to get all of of the wild things on their bucket list complete. SO, with a story line and a few famous actors and a multi million dollars budget, it's probably pretty easy to make a list right before you die and then go out and force those things to happen. But for your "average Joe" (and none of us are average) it is probably a healthier idea to think in terms of your "life's goals" and approach any list making with a more holistic view in mind. Why? Because when we really think about the things we have always wanted to do....many of them should not just be accomplished by flying to a city, hailing a cab, taking a snapshot and running back to the airport. Let's say you wanted to hike the Inca trail to Machu Picchu. Did you know that there are only a limited number of permits available? So you really need to secure this bucket list permit in advance of your flight. That is why we suggest having a professional guide for a trip like that.

7 Steps Toward Completing Every Dream on your Bucket List

1. Make an initial list of goals that come to mind

2. Now look at our sample bucket list ideas to identify any other popular bucket list ideas that you might have missed, but always wanted to do.

3. Next, review your list with your friends

-Add any crazy bucket list ideas they might have

-Make a note of any shared bucket list ideas

4. Divide list into two columns:

-Bucket List Things to Do

-Bucket List Places to See

5. Prioritize each list into A's, B's and C's

6. Starting with the top Places to See, identify which Things to Do could be done in or near those places.

7. Start acting immediately. 

This set of steps is somewhat simplified. But if you follow the first 5 steps, we can help you get through the last two steps and start working on getting things accomplished. What's important is that it is YOUR LIST, and  you have to love it before you are likely to get started on it.


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