Finding the Right Outfitter

​Climbing mountains is pretty serious business. People with world class outfitters and experienced guides do die every year on the mountains we have listed on our bucket list ideas lists. Some of the mountains on the list can be ascended with relative safety by a very fit person with little technical skills, provided that they have a good plan with a good outfitter. We have a few featured tours for next year that enable a few of these ascents to be checked off the bucket list.     


    Mount Kilimanjaro 2015

    The Matterhorn 2015 (not a complete ascent)

    The Andes & Machu Pichu 2015

For the big mountains, with technical climbs, you will want to work your way up to those accomplishments. If you live where it is mountainous, it is easy to find a climbing or outdoors club. They can help you set some essential climbing skills goals. Think of those as a part of your bucket list, as they are essential enablers. If you live where it is flat, there are other ways to begin. You can book a journey to one of the more accessible mountains, do smaller climbs at some of the great mountains or you can work with a great outfitter and sign up for one of their scheduled climbs to, for example, Mt Rainier.  

20 Tallest Mountains in North America

  Mount McKinley             Alaska                       6194 meters

  Mount Logan                 Yukon Territory           5956 meters

  Volcán Citlaltépetl          Mexico

  Mount St. Elias              Yukon                        5489 meters   

  Really! We have 20! Just working on other pages at the moment!             

Tallest Mountains on each Continent:

The Bass List

  Mount Everest/Denali             Asia                      8848  meters          29,029 feet

  Mount Kosciuszko                  Australia                2228  meters            7,310 feet

  Mount Elbrus                         Europe                  5642  meters          18,510 feet

  Aconcagua                            South America       6961  meters          22,838 feet

  Mount McKinley                     North America        6194  meters          20,322 feet

  Mount Vinson                        Antarctica              4892  meters          16,050 feet

  Mount Kilimanjaro                 Africa                     5895  meters          19,341 feet


The Messner List

  Mount Everest                       Asia                       8848  meters          29,029 feet

  Puncak Jaya- Indonesia          Australia                2228  meters            7,310 feet

  Mount Elbrus                         Europe                  5642  meters          18,510 feet

  Aconcagua                            South America        6961  meters          22,838 feet

  Mount McKinley                     North America        6194  meters          20,322 feet

  Mount Vinson                        Antarctica              4892  meters          16,050 feet

  Mount Kilimanjaro                 Africa                     5895  meters          19,341 feet

Mount Blanc is also sometimes considered to be the tallest mountain in Europe, when alternative borders between Asia and Europe are considered. Check out more sample ideas of Things to Do


Sample Bucket List:

Mountain Climbing List Ideas

When we went to explore the topic of best or tallest mountains to climb, we were surprised by the ways that climbers look at mountains and group them in their bucket lists. At first it seemed as though getting a list of the tallest mountains would be enough; but it turns out that the top 100 tallest peaks in the world are all in Asia, either in the Himalayas or Karakorum ranges. So what about Mount Rainier or Aconcagua? Aren't they really popular? So, we went on to explore other Mountain Climbing Achievement lists. Right now, our sample bucket lists for Mountain Climbing include The Bass List (the tallest peak on each continent), The Messner List (alternative list of the tallest peaks on each continent),  The tallest peaks in North America and National Geographic's List of the Best Mountains to Climb.

National Geographic's Top Ten Mountains  

Mount Khuiten                     Mongolia                   Endless green steps/remote journey

Mount Kilimanjaro                Tanzania                   Highest peak in Africa & doable for a fit person

​The Andes                           Peru                         Inca trail, Machu Pichu & Cusco. Breathtaking.

​Matterhorn                          Switzerland               Iconic beauty in the Alps

Mount Everest                     Nepal                        The pinnacle of the world & the Himalayas

Mount Elbus                        Russia                       Beautiful double coned volcano

​Cilaltépeti & Iztaccihuati       Mexico                      3rd and 7th tallest in North America. Volcanos

Denali/McKinley                   Alaska                      Head and shoulders above North America

​Annapurna                          Nepal                        From bamboo forests to the highest ridges. Stunning.

​Damavand                           Iran                         Huge against the Caspian Sea


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