How to bypass the Passport Control Line

Have you ever heard the term "Global Entry?"  If not, just think GLOBAL ENTRY! GLOBAL ENTRY! I WANT GLOBAL ENTRY! This is the best trick in the book and the best 1 time fee of $100 per person that you will ever spend if you go over all! This is one great way to improve your bucket list travel plans.

What is Global Entry?

Global Entry is a US government program for travelers that are considered to be "Trusted Travelers." It allows these trusted travelers to have more of a self serve experience entering the country.  This program is so fantastic because it saves huge amounts of time waiting in line and can easily help our bucket list travelers with making their connections on their way home from accomplishing all of their goals!

What are some of it's benefits?

The greatest benefit of Global Entry is that approved members do not need to stand in long lines at Passport Control or in the Customs Review. And Global Entry members don't have to fill out the customs card on the airplane. Instead, they will simply get off the plane, walk to the Global Entry Kiosk, insert their passport, answer a few questions and they will receive a sheet that allows them to exit. This little print out will then be submitted when the traveller walks through the expedited customs process with their luggage. Boom! Done!

How do you get Global Entry and become a Trusted Traveller in the US?

This is a slightly cumbersome process, but not bad.

1. First go to the US Government Global Online Enrollment System Website and get sign-in credentials.

2. Set up an account & write down your user ID and password. You will need these later.

3. Fill in the questionnaires and submit.

4. Check back into your GOES account after a few days and look for an invitation.

5. Once you receive the invitation, sign up for an appointment at the nearest Global Entry office.

6. Show up early. Sometimes, the office is not that easy to find.

7. Don't forget copies of your application and your passport.

8. You will be asked a series of questions and then you will photographed and finger printed.

9. Voila! You are all set! Ready to enter the country with no lines! Time to start your bucket list travel!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I get Global entry in 24 hours? No.

2. Do my small children need Global Entry to enter the country with us? Yes.

3. Is the office at the same place as the Passport office? NO! It is at international airports.

4. How long does my Global Entry stay valid? As long as your passport.

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